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Voice assistants have become a household staple in the last few years of technological advances. Whether you are using Siri through your Apple device, Amazon Echo or Google Home, these platforms are at the top of the AI list. The current front-runners for AI assistant technology are the Amazon Echo and Google Home. But, each of these technologies has different aspects that will appeal to a specific consumer audience.

Speakers on each of the devices can be a big selling point from which to choose. A lot of consumers will use this technology as a means to play music throughout their home, while others are looking for intelligence and “what it can do.” Based on sound, the Google Home, according to PCmag has a much fuller sound than the Amazon Echo, although the Home’s volume is rather low compared to the loud as the Echo.

The primary intelligence of each platform is based on what this technology would call third-party skills or actions. In this particular area, Echo is ahead of the curve in being able to perform specific tasks asked by the user. Both devices will let you make voice calls, but when it comes to multi-user functions, Google takes the cake.

Ease of Use
In general, Google Home comes out as the more straightforward to use device, especially when it comes to asking simple or even more complex questions. Google’s knowledge span is more extensive than Amazon’s, based on the platform each is working from. One key component current users do point out is the wake command for both assistants. The Echo’s “Alexa” seems to roll off the tongue a little easier than “Okay Google.” This small difference can be a deterring point for some consumers.

Both the Amazon Echo and Google Home have many different aspects such as sound, design, intelligence, etc. that will help to decide which one is best for you and your home. Different consumers will make their decision based on what they are specifically looking for in an assistant. So can anyone tell you which one is better? That will be decided in the eye of the buyer.

The interesting point is that AI intelligence is changing and updating every day and in turn making these devices smarter and more helpful to consumers. Keeping up with the trends of this technology will help you decide exactly which platform is the best for your investment and lifestyle.