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Voice technology and speech recognition are rising in popularity thanks to the popularity of devices from Amazon and Google. Here are some notable voice technology startups to keep an eye on.

Novel Effect: This company is working hard to take story-time to the next level. Novel Effect is a mobile app that listens while you read a book aloud and then adds appropriate sound effects and theme music. Parents and teachers can benefit from this creative storytelling app by engaging children in new ways. The app is compatible with books like Goodnight Moon, Where the Wild Things Are, and The Cat in the Hat. In the future founders, Matt and Melissa Hammersley hope to add even more books to the already expansive collection.     

Twine: This Boulder, Colorado startup is making conference calls, meetings, and presentations easier thanks to the Twine software and hardware. With this “conference room in a box” you can control video conferences and presentations with your voice. The program connects to televisions and computer monitors for easy display, and it can help schedule and reschedule meetings as well. Twine is also compatible with Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa.  

Sensible Object: Based in London, Sensible Object wants to merge technology and play together. It’s their goal to “take everything that’s inspiring and entertaining about digital play, and to merge it with a design approach that’s rooted in a practical understanding of home and family life.” Some of their most popular games are Beasts of Balance and Voice Originals. The first game in the Voice Originals series is called When in Rome. This 2019 Toy of the Year finalist is a travel trivia game with the voices of real people from around the world. Amazon’s Alexa hosts the game and guides you around the world map; you’ll hear questions from real locals through the smart speaker and then have to answer. When in Rome negates the need for directions and the hassle of remembering which questions were already asked.  

Pulse Labs: Need user testing for your voice applications before putting them on the market? Pulse Labs offers just that. Quality assurance testers take the time to look through your product and find any bugs or insights into the user experience. The company takes care of setting up all of the testing sessions with your desired demographics. Once testing is completed Pulse Labs sends you a comprehensive report that can help you make decisions about development and planning.

These startups are creating transcending products that are useful for professionals, children, and product developers alike.