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The Internet provides an invaluable service as a database, shopping center, and communication tool, but there are many risks involved, as well. To avoid compromising the security of your personal information and browsing history, using a virtual private network (VPN) may be worth considering.

The Function
Understanding the purpose and benefits of a VPN is helpful when deciding which you should use. Put simply, a VPN is a private connection between devices that prevents interception, theft, and unwelcome monitoring. They are especially useful when connected to a public network or Wi-Fi hotspot where connections may be unprotected and unencrypted.

Before settling on a VPN provider and before shelling out money for their services, it is very important that you only consider those with free trials. If you aren’t able to test their capabilities for free, you can’t guarantee that what you get is worth what you pay. You should also avoid making a decision solely based on price. The cheapest option is not likely to be the best one depending on your needs. Utilizing affiliate deals can help save you money, but keeping in mind that you’re using a VPN service for your privacy and security can help you avoid opting for the lowest price instead of the most suitable choice.

Number of IP Addresses and Connections
Two things to look for when selecting a VPN are the number of IP addresses a VPN offers and the number of simultaneous connections that are permitted. Depending on your intentions, a VPN offering a large number of IP addresses may be best, as it is believed that having more IP addresses can increase your anonymity because having a larger pool of available addresses means it is less likely for duplicates to occur. Often, it’s more important to ensure your VPN provider enables connection to the server locations you desire.

If you have multiple devices you’d like to connect, ensuring that your VPN provider allows enough connections will be important. If you use a VPN while traveling and need to connect a computer, tablet, cell phone, and more, it’s necessary that you choose a service that will satisfy those needs.

Trusting a VPN provider’s word on which service provides the fastest service may result in disappointment. There are bound to be discrepancies between their studies and your reality. Once again, participating in a free trial will help you gauge which service is the best for your needs, workload, and geographic location.